Program 18.10.2017

Slovak Dance Theatre & Ballet Finland presents



Slovak Dance Theatre

Libretto, choreography and direction Ján Ďurovčík
Music Georges Bizet / Rodion Ščedrin
Costume design Andrej Baraník
Set design Jakub Klimo
Assistant choreographer Marianna Paulíková
Lighting Matúš Gazdík
Sound Pavol Pogány – Pogy


Silvia Beláková, Viera Bieliková, Ivan Martiš, Filip Takáč, Marianna Paulíková, Soňa Hrončoková, Ladislav Cmorej, Lucia Mankovecká, Ivana Kučerová

Fast-paced situations are interluded by lyrical, intimate moments. “One of the reasons why I am doing Carmen is that it is an emotional performance. I love emotional performances!” says the show’s director & choreographer Ján Ďurovčík.

Love story with tragic end, presented by dancers of SDT, represents the motional and philosophical stylization. It is the reunion of two worlds, philosophies: the libertine and conservative one. Their connection generates misunderstanding, which is the source of everything happening on the stage. Once again, author is presenting the theme in the form of total theatre, where the emotion is mediated by the unity of music, dance and dramatic expression. He has respect towards the original libretto, his work is based on Shchedrin and Bizet. The basic plot, acting of characters is preserved as we know it, but at the same time is richly paraphrasing. The space is utilized for own interpretations. In Carmen of the Slovak Dance Theatre, there are elements of folklore, but it will be nothing near to a folklore performance.




Red Light Drowning

Ballet Finland

Ville Valkonen
Music Gold Panda, Frederic Chopin, Max Ricter, Recomposed by Max  Richter: Vivaldi, Four Seasons
Repetitor Hanna Korjus
Eetu Lipponen


Inka Hulkko, Tiia Huuskonen, Tuomas Hyvönen, Timo Korjus, Alina Sakko and Ville Valkonen

What is it like to lose yourself completely to inspiration?

This was the question that was driving me while I was starting to create the piece. Give ultimate freedom for your visuals and compromise with the environment. Flashing lights, memories, great music, future and a bit of craziness. These were the ingredients I was going to use.

My good colleague Eetu Lipponen helped me to create a unique video that he edited to fit the choreography. We spent one full day filming in a dark room where we used various objects to create movement for the video. In the end we combined the video with the dancing. I would say we painted the journey of creation on to the stage. So I hope you can drown yourself in the red light, like I did myself.

If you have never been drowning, you don’t know what it’s like to breathe!

Ville Valkonen


Special thanks

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StepUp School

Suomen Tanssitarvike

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