Saamaamme palautetta

Ballet Finland is the only professional classical ballet group outside the Finnish National Ballet. They are highly skilled, very motivated  and are doing a great job under the new management and board. They have also developed to a level where they can start offering employment to young graduating dancers with classical ballet training – if only they received the necessary funding for it. So far the existing group has received next to nothing. Also, as a small group, they can act mobile classical ballet ambassadors for the rest of Finland, where there are a lot of demand for high quality classical ballet performances.

Kenneth Greve, Artistic Director, Finnish National Ballet

”Both Ville Valkonen’s pieces („Seven“ set to Sibelius’ Seventh symphony and „Red light drowning“ with music by M. Richter and G. Panda), deliver a delicate fusion between clean lines of the classical classical ballet and movement vocabulary from release-based modern dance techniques.  Hence both choreographies are highly touching in their softness, fluidity, lyrical (almost romantic) expressiveness and overall structure.

„Seven“ unfurls before viewers a whole range of human emotions whilst offering an indication of a narrative thought in its conceptual origin and strong symbolicism (accentuated by the use of lights) in its overall choreographic structure. „Red lights drowning“ brings an interesting and rather metaphoric interplay between movement sequences of isolated bodily parts in video projections (superimposed upon the background) and real-life dancing in the foreground.  What emerges is a far more dreamy and surreal atmosphere which, in turn, creates a more poetic and soul-searching perspective on dancing.  Despite their differences these two pieces complement each other well, thanks to their coherence with Valkonen’s sophisticated yet unpretentious and highly expressive choreographic language.  The overwhelming engagement of each of the seven dancers with both choreographies, and their commitment to functioning on stage as one living organism, made the evening that much more memorable and mesmerizing.”

Marin Blazevic director of Rijeka Opera House, Croatia


”That evening in Alminsali, those impressing and touching two dance productions of yours, were just as ground breaking for me as my quite recent discovery of yoga has been for me in my life during this year, fundamentally. They took me along with them, surrounded me magically. I could never have imagined how impressive this first touch then eventually was. I want to thank you, each and every one of you, for introducing me this new fascinating, inspirational and beautiful world.”

Yrjö Tuunanen, Aalto University


”KIITOS eilisestä Mahtavasta näytöksestä! Olitte loistavia! Kannatti ajaa pimeässä 300 km nauttimaan. Valoisaan tulevaisuutta koko ryhmälle.”



Ballet Finland’s double-bill program Seven & Red Light Drowning has brought Slovakian audience strong experience and brought the full house to its feet. Having Ballet Finland as a part of CHOREA festival 2017 was a great artistic asset to the program and also a great off-stage experience for the whole production team.

It is always great to find an independent dance company that can deliver high-class performances. Ville and his company are great professionals and we certainly hope to work with them again!”

Ján Ďurovčík, Artistic Director & Choreographer, Slovak Dance Theatre