Fernando Troya for Ballet Finland


Fernando Troya to create a new piece for Ballet Finland in autumn 2016

“Experience an exploration of life, human contact and communication.”


Fernando Troya, the Madrid-born border-breaking freelance dancer-choreographer will create a new piece for Ballet Finland in autumn 2016. The premiere is 21.10.2016.

Troya performed with Nederlands Dans Theater, Staattheater Wiesbaden and Staattheater Nürnberg in 2008-2014. He is currently freelancing in many different projects, performing in his own creations, combining disciplines and kind of artists including painters and actors.

Below, Fernando describes his thoughts about the new creation for Ballet Finland

“In the environment we are placed in space and time. Will get on a journey of human emotions, involving fears, silence, tears, care, trust, honesty…

Are we ready to feel new emotions or do we have enough with the ones we already hold? Do we dare to share them?

Perhaps building trust is the key to honesty, and honesty is the key to open a new door; a door to a new field with a vast landscape where no one is looking and in which we feel more comfortable to express our feelings, relax and be closer to each other.

Where can we study interpersonal distance, loneliness, group dynamics, explore non-spoken languages, how much are we expressing with our looks, hands, skin…?

We will try to achieve an understanding of the situation, the now and here. I will try to define in which point in life each of us is, what are the issues we are dealing with. How are we facing them? Are the issues improving, resolving or getting us stuck in life?

Get to know ourselves better is always helpful. Get to understand our gentleness, tenderness, aggression, roughness… The limits of them all, the opposite extremes of our mind. A mind that is able to place us somewhere else.

We will transform the space into a laboratory of emotions, lights, dreams, fears… A peaceful space, a quiet space, sometimes noisy, bright, busy but also calm, empty for you to be, to explore and experience.”

Ballet Finland is very excited to work with Fernando. Stay tuned to www.balletfinland.com for more news as we proceed with the new piece!